Biology Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
20 September 2022

Biology is the science of life in all its manifestations. This discipline is studied in medical colleges and universities, psychological universities, cytological technical schools, and other educational institutions whose profile is natural sciences. This article will help you decide on the topic of a research paper in biology. We will give advice on choosing it and give a list of examples.

How To Select The Best Biology Research Paper Topic?

Grades for research papers are considered in the final exams, so writing should be taken seriously. It will be easier to prepare a research paper if you choose a good topic. This will help:

  • Supervisor advises. Well, if the topic of research coincides with the scientific interests of the teachers, then they will be able to give practical recommendations and select a high-quality base of sources.
  • Your knowledge of the discipline. Choose a topic from the section that you studied the most (got good grades on tests, prepared essays, etc.).
  • Practical experience. If you have found an interesting scientific problem, you can explore it deeper in a research paper.
  • Study events. Conferences and seminars, as well as collections of abstracts that are published, can lead to interesting ideas.
  • World around you. Biology is a science about the environment, so nature itself can sometimes suggest a topic for work for an observant student.

If you are in search of research paper topics about biology, check out our list of TOP best examples.

List Of Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. The effect of vibrissae on mice in the stock test.
  2. Conductive system of leaves. Structure, types of venation.
  3. The struggle for existence in human society.
  4. Long-term effects manifested in developmental processes (mutagenic, teratogenic, embryotoxic).
  5. Which useful plants can be grown indoors?
  6. Actual problems of tissue and organ transplantation.
  7. Species and ecological diversity of biogenesis as the basis of its sustainability.
  8. History of the development of evolutionary ideas before Ch. Darwin.
  9. Comparative analysis of antibiotic resistance of staphylococci and streptococci.
  10. Comparative analysis of theories of aging of the body.
  11. Prospects for the use of artificial organs in biology and medicine.
  12. Biological and ecological features of lobsters and spiny lobsters, water requirements and breeding and feeding techniques.
  13. Modern ideas about the mechanisms and patterns of evolution.
  14. Technology for the production of ethyl alcohol from molasses.
  15. Cloning of mammals: historical aspects and perspectives.
  16. Modifications of the shoots of the rhizome, tubers, and bulbs of red clover.
  17. Diversity of flowering plants in relation to taxonomy, anatomy, morphology and ecology.
  18. Mechanisms of symbiosis formation between plant and mucoromycetes.
  19. Macrophytes as bioindicators of the state of the aquatic environment.
  20. Adaptive radiation of organisms as a result of natural selection.
  21. Application of nanotechnologies in biology and medicine.
  22. Parasitism is an ecological phenomenon.
  23. “Systema Naturae” by K. Linnaeus and its significance for the development of biology.
  24. Ecological crises and catastrophes: the essence of the problem and prevention measures.
  25. The body’s need for nutrients. List of main macro- and micronutrients.

Biology Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. Comparison of fertilization mechanisms in different organisms.
  2. Mutations are qualitative and quantitative changes in genetic material.
  3. Regeneration in humans: possibilities and expectations.
  4. Biological diversity in urban areas.
  5. Analysis of the mechanisms of protection and resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors.
  6. Peculiarities of migratory behavior of fish in freshwater reservoirs.
  7. The use of bacteriophages in medicine.
  8. Genetically modified organisms: principles of production and application in human life.
  9. Organization of an experimental study of the use of visual teaching aids.
  10. Microbiological nitrogen fixation by free-living microorganisms.
  11. A study of the behavior of rats in order to study their swimming abilities.
  12. Biorhythms, their types, and characteristics.
  13. Production of a-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E).
  14. Genetic engineering of representatives of the orchid family.
  15. Comparative characteristics of the main theories and hypotheses of the origin of multicellularity.

Human Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Comparative analysis of genetic, morphological, and physiological differences between human races.
  2. The role of post-stress neuroinflammation in the pathogenesis of mental disorders.
  3. The efficiency of selection of dairy cattle in the economy and forecast of their productivity.
  4. Views on the question of the origin of life among different peoples.
  5. The main regularities of the activity of the organism as a whole: are neurohumoral regulation, self-regulation, and homeostasis.
  6. City ecology: problems and ways to solve them.
  7. Influence of negative environmental factors on the early stages of human embryogenesis.
  8. From waste to income. Analysis of the world experience in the processing of waste and secondary raw materials.
  9. Organization of an experimental study of the use of visual teaching aids.
  10. The influence of biorhythms on the human body.
  11. The biological age of a person.
  12. Artificial organs – a problem and prospects.
  13. Eugenics: the possibilities of modern science to improve the human gene pool. A living organism has a special habitat.
  14. Economic assessment of wildlife and aquatic biological resources. In vitro fertilization in humans and animals.
  15. Speciation problems in the genus Homo sapiens.

Cell Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Modern ideas about stem cells.
  2. Selection of the optimal composition of the nutrient medium for suspension cultivation of BHK 21 cells.
  3. Research methods in cell biology.
  4. Ecological isolation of populations as a factor of speciation.
  5. Advances in cell genetics in medicine and public health.
  6. Physiological features of the functional states of the cell.
  7. History and development of knowledge about the cell.
  8. The role of biotic and abiotic factors in DNA damage and tumor development.
  9. The role of public organizations in environmental protection.
  10. The use of game methods and technologies in teaching biology.
  11. Application of molecular genetic methods in the practice of forensic medical examination.
  12. Prokaryotic organisms and their role in biogenesis.
  13. The study of the inheritance of traits by pedigree.
  14. Molecular mechanisms of cellular aging. Factors affecting cell aging.
  15. The role of provisional organs in the development and protection of human and mammalian embryos.

Molecular Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Bryophytes and their bioecological features.
  2. Genetic consequences of environmental pollution.
  3. Behavioral responses in humans.
  4. Plasmids as vectors for gene modification of bacterial cells.
  5. Biochemical mechanisms of nitrocellulose biodegradation.
  6. Biogenesis of different levels and their subordination in the global ecosystem – the biosphere.
  7. Characteristics of the factors of the ecological environment of the dwelling.
  8. What genes influence the activity of succinate dehydrogenase in acetaminophen-dependent hepatitis in rats?
  9. The role of algae in the evolution of the biosphere.
  10. Production of fermented milk products and microbiological control.
  11. Botanical gardens and their activities in the conservation of rare and endangered species.
  12. Biological substantiation of artificial reproduction of chum salmon.
  13. Daily fluctuations of the latent time of a simple visual-motor reaction.
  14. The danger of global disturbances in the biosphere: ozone holes, acid rain, smog and their prevention.
  15. Various ecological pyramids and ratios of organisms at each of their stages.
  16. Parthenogenesis and gynogenesis in vertebrates and their biological significance.
  17. Methods for studying the reproductive characteristics of fish.
  18. Morphological and cultural features of actinomycetes and their practical significance.
  19. Effects of e-cigarette smoking on the human body.
  20. Genetics and biochemistry of alcoholism.

Biology Research Paper Ideas

  1. Comparative characteristics of the main stages of the evolution of primates.
  2. Influence of negative environmental factors on the early stages of human embryogenesis.
  3. Influence of environmental factors on human life expectancy.
  4. Basic principles of biotechnological wastewater treatment.
  5. Characteristics of the critical periods of human ontogenesis.
  6. Molecular mechanisms of cell cycle regulation.
  7. The anatomical structure of the leaf of angiosperms and gymnosperms (monocots and dicots).
  8. The role of hunting in the protection of animal resources.
  9. Changes in blood pressure in a person at rest and after muscular work (swimming).
  10. Area-specific horsetails.

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