Disney Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
20 September 2022

It depends on your choice whether you write a research paper quickly and easily or will you laboriously write three sentences a day. A good topic gives inspiration and motivation. A bad one kills the desire to study and poisons life.

How To Select The Best Disney Research Paper Topics?

You can select a theme in one of two ways:

  • Choice of topic based on previous work. Even if you have not yet written research papers, you probably already have ready-made essays. A good essay can be the foundation of your research.
  • Choose a theme based on your hobbies. The research paper topic can resonate with your hobby and is the easiest way to make writing fun. Think about what you are interested in and how it can be related to the studied subject.

To make your choice easier, we have prepared the best research paper topics about Disney.

List Of Disney Research Paper Topics

  1. Reasons why Disney princesses provide poor female role models for girls.
  2. Disney princesses are not very diverse.
  3. Describe how Disney animated movies affect body image.
  4. Explain how race is handled in cartoons using a Disney animated film as an example.
  5. Pick a Disney animated film, then talk about the film’s deeper themes. Give reasons for your interpretation.
  6. Examine the stereotypical characterizations in Disney’s “Mulan” (1998).
  7. What impact do Disney films have on society? Which ways?
  8. Exactly why is Nickelodeon superior to Disney Channel?
  9. Investigate Disney’s past. What purpose does its animation serve?
  10. What do Disney films impart to young viewers? What concepts are the most important and unsafe?
  11. How is masculinity portrayed in Disney movies? Talk about how Prince Charming should be.
  12. Do you agree or disagree that fairy tales or real-life events inspire most Disney movies? No original Disney tales exist.
  13. What political challenges confront Disney in the US?
  14. Do Disney animated films include any historical inaccuracies?
  15. Is the “Aladdin” movie’s theme song provocative?
  16. Why have Disney animated films been so popular for so long?
  17. What makes you dislike or adore Disneyland?
  18. What benefits do Disney animated films provide for kids in the twenty-first century?
  19. What can kids take away from the Disney film “Frozen”?
  20. What makes Disney parks the coolest place in the world? Please explain.

Research Paper Topics About Disney Movies

  1. Examine how “Coco” from Disney has improved society.
  2. Compare Heracles and “Hercules” from Disney. Make contrasts.
  3. Compare the Grimms’ “Snow White” with the Disney movie.
  4. Contrast the tale of the historical Pocahontas with the Disney movie “Pocahontas.”
  5. What changes have occurred in Disney films during the past half-century? What are underlying problems still present?
  6. Compare “Little Mermaid” from Disney and Hans Christian Anderson. Which scenes were altered or deleted? What aspects of the overall meaning were altered?
  7. How are kids shown in Disney movies?
  8. Investigate the key messages included in the Disney movie “Mulan.”
  9. Compare the fabled story of Hua Mulan and the Disney film “Mulan.” Make contrasts.
  10. Compare and contrast the Brothers Grimm “Cinderella” with the Disney version.
  11. Examine the princess and villain concepts in Disney movies.
  12. Review the Disney movie “Frozen” in your writing. Conclude about the animation and soundtrack.
  13. Examine the concepts and topics in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Disney. How does the movie create a story using the people and circumstances?
  14. Examine how Disney cartoons and movies are censored internationally.
  15. Examine “Wall-E” by Disney critically. Think about the story, the mechanics, the symbolism, the cultural influence, etc.

Walt Disney Research Paper Topics

  1. Describe the Disney Cruise Line’s marketing methods. For the upcoming year, establish a marketing road map for the Walt Disney Company.
  2. Examine Disney’s social media and advertising campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Are they successful?
  3. Disneyland’s place in family entertainment. Has Disney carved out an uncontested market? Is there competition in this market?
  4. Examine Disney’s current approach to worldwide marketing. What suggestions for strategic moves can you offer for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts?
  5. Analyze the developments in the Disney business while considering demographics, the economy, technology, culture, and social politics.
  6. Examine the Disney adaption for Chinese customers and the main competitors.
  7. What principles of business diversification does Disney use? Analyze the key failures and triumphs of the company’s diversification plan.
  8. Examine the Walt Disney Company’s entertainment management.
  9. Examine the Walt Disney Company and the industry in which it works. Describe the firm’s organizational structure, market behavior, performance, and strategy.
  10. What is Disney doing to engage its core audience? What are the latest strategies for promotion?

Disney Research Paper Ideas

  1. Examine the Disney Corporation’s financial history. Describe the important inputs and sources, create a corporate overview, and examine the firm’s finances over the last 5 years.
  2. Discuss the difficulties and concerns around racial stereotypes at the Walt Disney Company.
  3. Investigate the accounting, financial, and environmental concerns relating to the operations of the Walt Disney Company.
  4. Consider the causes of the pricing increases at Disney Parks over time.
  5. Analyze the financial results of your chosen Disney endeavor (cartoon, theme parks, television, etc.).
  6. Analyze Hong Kong Disneyland’s success in its first year of operation.
  7. Do the alterations in Disney reflect the ideological and social fight between the proletariat and bourgeoisie?
  8. Ever wonder why Disney stories always turn out to be lies?
  9. Walt Disney’s life, personality, and legacy.
  10. How has Disney influenced our society for all time?

Bonus research paper topics about Disney

  1. Disney films and fairy tales affect gender politics and women’s rights.
  2. Three professional roles at Walt Disney World have payment plans.
  3. How did Disney Parks become the renowned amusement park they are today?
  4. The potential problems with Disney+ and streaming providers teaming up.
  5. Effects of Disney’s entry into television on kid actors.

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