Relevant Music Research Paper Topics to Know

Musicians and music critics are creative people with many ideas in their minds. However, talented individuals can face difficulties selecting suitable music research paper topics. The core of the issue is obvious. The more you know, the harder it’s to opt for a single matter to research.

Music is a field covering not only songs and their performers, melodies and their composers, but also the music industry, history and evolution of music, music theory, musical culture, and philosophy. Therefore, when assigned to a music research paper, you should realize that you deal with a multifaceted sphere. That’s why you can select a subject or any aspect you are interested in.

Experienced writers apply their tricks to select appropriate music research paper topics. Below you can familiarize yourself with the practical step-by-step guide on how not to fail and opt for the fascinating research idea. As a great bonus, you get a huge list of music research paper topics that are pro writers’ choices. All the valuable tips are collected here! So don’t miss your chance to widen your horizons!

How to Select the Best Music Research Paper Topic?

Selecting incredible research paper topics about music is quite a sensitive issue. Music is a multidimensional area having an immense number of matters for research. It covers many narrow subjects and disciplines you can select from.

It simplifies the idea selection process if you are free to choose appropriate music research paper topics. However, as some learners believe, it works just the opposite since if you have no limits, it’s challenging to opt for a single topic. Top writers’ advice can address your writing problems immediately. Rely on the experience of pro specialists!

  • Look through your notes.

Music research paper topics should cover at least one subject within your course. You can check the topicality of the chosen matter by reading your notes and looking through your educational program. Also, you should pay attention to the task description and other professors’ requirements if they exist. It adds sense to your paper and makes it relevant.

  • Find a few most suitable ideas.

If you are competent in music, no matter what subject or particular discipline, you should have many ideas for your research paper. Suppose you can’t opt for the most fascinating since they all are effective and relevant in your opinion. Choose the minimum three music research paper topics you are willing to reflect on.

  • Consider your competence.

It’s much easier to research the subject if you have a background. Opt for the idea that you are the most familiar with. It may be connected with your major or field of competence or be your hobby. Understanding the issue will help you to analyze the findings better and form your points of view more profoundly. When you are good at the subject, you know better how and where to find relevant information.

  • Turn a general topic into a field-specific one.

It’s impossible to undertake thorough research on a general or very broad topic. You can’t reveal all the subject intricacies in a few pages of text. So instead, narrow your matter down by finding an aspect you are keen on the most.

Picking stellar music research paper topics isn’t such a complicated assignment as some learners may believe. First, you need to become familiar with an effective guide proposed by pro experts and follow all the pieces of advice. Then, find the winning music research paper topics if you aim to get an A+ grade for your paper!

List of Music Research Paper Topics

  1. A harmony is an art form in music.
  2. Musical creativity of the beginning of the 20th century.
  3. The embodiment of features of early modernism in American music of the 1900s.
  4. Piano and chamber and vocal work.
  5. The sophistication of the musical language.
  6. Features of impressionism and symbolism in piano music.
  7. Peculiarities of musical thinking.
  8. Symphonization of the choral genre.
  9. Modern problems of performing an interpretation of musical works.
  10. Philosophical and aesthetic principles of modern art.
  11. The interaction of music and literature is the main manifestation of art.
  12. Stylistic features of piano creativity.
  13. Interaction of music with visual arts.
  14. Leading styles of modern pop music.
  15. Sound fixation systems.
  16. Peculiarities of the problem of developing musical taste.
  17. Peculiarities of musical styles and trends.
  18. Playing musical instruments and rhythmic musical movements.
  19. Definition and functions of musical memory.
  20. Musical associations.
  21. Sources of inspiration for modern composers.
  22. Physical foundations of sound.
  23. Features of rhythmic sound.
  24. Music system in Asian countries.
  25. The importance of the melody structure in composing musical works.

Music History Research Paper Topics

  1. The historical aspect of the opera production.
  2. The birth of hip hop.
  3. The history of breakdancing.
  4. Historical stages of the development of Japanese music.
  5. Development of technology of printing notes.
  6. The history of techno music.
  7. The Renaissance and the era of rationalist thinking.
  8. The appearance of musical drama in the B.C. era.
  9. Traditions of musical theater culture.
  10. Historical conditions and determining factors of the development of music in the Age of Enlightenment.
  11. Formation of classical music.
  12. Music art in the Renaissance epoch.
  13. Novelties in music technologies.
  14. The invention of the piano and its prototypes.
  15. Mozart is the first professional composer.

Music Therapy Research Paper Topics

  1. Music activates the human psyche.
  2. The axiosphere of musical art and its influence on personality development.
  3. Musical and aesthetic consciousness.
  4. Healing disease through music listening.
  5. Music positively influences the state of mental health.
  6. Spiritual healing through sound vibrations.
  7. Music therapy is a method of regulating aggressiveness.
  8. Functions and forms of modern music therapy.
  9. Deactivation of human brain cells through music.
  10. Innovation in treatment through music therapy.
  11. Curing physiological and psychosocial aspects of the disease through melodies listening.
  12. The main directions of the development of music therapy.
  13. The efficiency of music therapy techniques in practice.
  14. Integration of music therapy into other arts.
  15. Treatment of epilepsy through major scale listening.

Music Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Diction in singing.
  2. Problems of vocal pedagogy.
  3. Formation of professional qualities as a violinist.
  4. The art of the choir and its conductor.
  5. Methodical development of music sight-reading techniques.
  6. The necessity and importance of systematic training of musicians.
  7. Teaching expressive singing.
  8. Instilling children to love music.
  9. The comprehensive and harmonious musical upbringing of the child’s personality.
  10. Pianistic movements in the initial period of study.
  11. Learning a unique performance style.
  12. Various timbre modifications are used to study the proper flow of sound.
  13. Mastering musical intervals on concrete examples.
  14. Development of harmonic and melodic hearing thanks to joint music making.
  15. Consolidation of basic music composing skills.

Music Industry Research Paper Topics

  1. Youth pop music is a vivid example of modern show business.
  2. The role of the producer in the music industry.
  3. Chamber lyrics.
  4. Signs of stylistic commonality among modern musicians.
  5. The place of advertising in modern music production.
  6. Prominent singers’ techniques.
  7. Contemporary pop music repertoire.
  8. Career growth in the music industry.
  9. The development of modern information technologies in music.
  10. The popularity of modern rap artists.

Music Research Paper Ideas

  1. The uniqueness of the drama and the specificity of the musical language of the opera.
  2. Musical intonation.
  3. Evolution of European harmony.
  4. The life of a musical work.
  5. Timbre and intonation formation of music in Europe.
  6. Overcoming inertia with music.
  7. Oral music.
  8. Biological basis of sound.
  9. Solving the problem of style in choral performance.
  10. The connection of stylistics with the peculiarities of the musical form.

Music is your passion, but you still can’t decide on the proper music research paper topic? First, entrust the most tricky tasks to the pro experts and eliminate stress while looking for ideas. Then, select the stellar research paper topics with the assistance of experienced writers!