Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen
20 September 2022

We all know that philosophy was born a long time ago. Ancient philosophers of absolutely different countries and times told the whole world precious things. It was from this that the development of humankind began in many areas. As a result, an insane amount of information has been preserved, and intriguing philosophical books are constantly being published.

Students of the Faculty of Philosophy are obliged to meet with research papers. Psychology is an extraordinary and simple science; the practice of students helps to get used to studying this subject. What is required to determine the topic correctly? Read the article further.

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Several Options How to Select the Best Philosophy Research Paper Topic

As we have already said, philosophy is an abstract science, and it is not always clear how to choose a good topic. Therefore, you shouldn’t be searching the internet for something special anymore. It is enough to refer to several lists in this article.

You can define the theme yourself. How to do it? It is worth re-reading the famous philosophers, after which you will have questions about them. One of these will be your topic.

If you are interested in understanding philosophy from the inside, we advise you to ask the teacher for advice. In this way, you will be able to learn about which topic to choose? Delve into the study of philosophy. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Provided List of Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Differences in the reasoning of philosophy and religion.
  2. Philosophy of Aristotle.
  3. Do you agree with Socrates’ idea that the emphasis should be on the soul’s well-being rather than family and career?
  4. How can you explain Kante’s assertion that reason is the source of morality?
  5. What can you say about Cicero’s saying that ignorance is the night of the mind?
  6. Do you agree with Thales that the bliss of the body is in health, and the happiness of the mind is in knowledge?
  7. How do you feel about Nietzsche’s phrase that he who knows himself is his executioner?
  8. Is there something that cannot be understood?
  9. What do you say about Plato’s words that the speech of truth is simple?
  10. What separates man from beast?
  11. Is psychology part of philosophy?
  12. Does anything make sense?

Best Ancient Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. How to recognise the truth?
  2. Cardinal points, differences in understanding of human nature.
  3. Was Da Vinci a philosopher?
  4. Teachings of the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.
  5. Dialogues of the great philosopher Giordano Bruno.
  6. Dialogues of Pythagoras.
  7. How was the uniqueness of statements determined in ancient times?
  8. Cynics: origin and history.
  9. Acceptance of the theories of Giordano Bruno;
  10. Who are sceptics, and how did this name originate in philosophy?

Some of the Wonderful Philosophy of Art Research Paper Topics

  1. What is required to temper a philosophical attitude towards art?
  2. Who is a person, and what does he need?
  3. How to live correctly, based on objective thinking or your worldview?
  4. How were philosophical theses evaluated?
  5. How can a person understand himself? How do you achieve tranquillity?
  6. What is true freedom?
  7. Freedom of speech: in what form does it manifest itself?
  8. Philosophy in contemporary art samples.
  9. Innovation as an option to change the world.
  10. Creativity and philosophy are intertwined with history.
  11. What are the controversial points in philosophy?
  12. Philosophy in the modern world.
  13. How did creativity change taking into account changes in philosophical views?
  14. Which is better, to be a philosopher or a believer?
  15. Does religion influence the change in philosophical direction?

Good Political Philosophy research paper topics in University

  1. Did philosophical thinking reflect on politics in our time?
  2. What do philosophy and politics have in common?
  3. What is better for the head of state: to have all the advantages or the ability to present to everyone the presence of these advantages?
  4. Do you agree that uniqueness and individuality are necessary for politics?
  5. Do people cause the death of the environment?
  6. Is it necessary to worry about yourself or others?
  7. Are political problems a guarantee of philosophical innovations?
  8. Are there human rights violations in the government?
  9. The war between ecology and humanity can explain world problems;
  10. Is freedom needed, as they say about it?

Best of Philosophy Research Paper Ideas

  1. Is morality conscious?
  2. Does debt affect morality?
  3. What is an ideal in philosophy?
  4. Relative ideals in philosophy.
  5. What principle should be followed?
  6. What is physical freedom?
  7. Does mysticism exist for philosophy?
  8. What’s next for philosophy?
  9. How to achieve excellent results in anything? Is it possible?
  10. Which is better, doubt or trust? What to lean towards?

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